The True Cost of a DUI

Heading out for a night on the town and don’t have a designated driver? If you are pulled over and charged with a DUI, spending the night behind bars may be the least of your concerns.

Driving while impaired is a serious offense. Choosing to drink and drive can affect every part of a driver’s life. In addition to the risk of injuring or killing the driver, passengers, or innocent bystanders, there are legal, social, and economic consequences to think about. Check out this video from the Texas Department of Transportation’s Who’s Driving Tonight campaign for a look at how much, and in what way, a DUI will cost you.

Have you visited GDL Institute’s YouTube channel yet? We often hear from our students that they not only learned a lot from their Drug and Alcohol driver training, they enjoy the additional driving tips, news and humorous videos we share socially. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel to see a preview of our Drug and Alcohol course for first-time drivers in Florida, and some of our favorite videos shared from several sources.

Choosing to drink and drive isn’t worth it. Visit GDL Institute’s website to learn more about the dangers of impaired driving and to complete Florida’s TLSAE course, required for all first-time drivers.

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