Everything in its Place – How to Organize Your Car for A Safe Trip

car_clutterWhether used to drive to school, transport friends, or commute to soccer practice or work, we all use our cars for more than just driving. With such busy lives, it’s easy to let the mess start to pile up. Does your car look like a disaster zone? Give yourself and your car a fresh start by clearing out the clutter. Next time you have fifteen minutes to spare, try these helpful tips to keeping everything in its place and ensure a safer drive.

  • Clean up the clutter. Toss any trash, scraps of paper, empty soda bottles, etc. Make sure to remove any trash or clutter from under the seats of the car – these items could roll forward and get trapped under the accelerator or brake while you are driving and become a serious hazard. After clearing out the rubbish, give your car a thorough vacuuming for a clean finish. The less mess you have around you, the less chance you will be distracted while driving.
  • Get organized. Make sure to keep your car owner’s manual and any other important documents stored in your glove compartment or other safe place. Designate a place for everything in your car by utilizing tools like a visor organizer and the storage compartments in your center console.
  • Address all of that junk in the trunk. Like the old adage, “out of sight out of mind” it’s easy to toss your stuff in the trunk and forget about it. Go through your trunk and take out anything that you don’t need for daily use or as a part of an emergency kit. As an added bonus, you could save at the gas pump by dropping the extra weight in your trunk. An extra 100 pounds can reduce a typical car’s fuel economy by up to 2% (FTC).

Now that you’ve cleaned out your car, keep it up! Make sure to stay on top of clutter by cleaning up once a day or once a week. And remember, it’s not just the inside of your car that must be kept clean, regular car washes are equally important. Always ensure your exterior lights and mirrors are free from mud, snow, and other things that can block your view or make it harder to be seen at night.


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