Rules of the Road: Top Used Cars for Teen Drivers

teen driverObtaining a driver’s license is only the first step toward driving independence. One of the most exciting events for a new teen driver is the first time they get to take their very own car out for a spin. Parents have an important decision on their hands if they are planning to buy a used car for their child… what’s the best, safest, and most cost effective choice for their teen? Forbes put together a helpful list of safe used car options that are ideal for new drivers in their article, “The Best Used Cars For Teenage Drivers.”

We here at GDL Institute heartily agree with their suggestions. All of their picks have good safety and reliability ratings, get 20 or more miles per gallon in city/highway driving, and carry for reasonably low car insurance rates. A safe, reliable and affordable vehicle is the gold standard for a new driver, and will offer peace of mind for their parents or guardians.

What was YOUR first car as a teen driver?



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