GDL Institute Students Tell Us What They Think – Satisfaction From Start to Finish!

online course studentsHave you recently completed an online course with us? Let us know about it! If you’ve completed your drug and alcohol course with us in the past, you know that at the conclusion of the program we invite students to complete a short survey about their experience with GDL Institute.

We always read customer comments and feedback to learn what our students enjoyed about the program, and also for any areas in which we might improve. We are happy to report that students are overwhelmingly happy with our course!

Responses from our students include:

  • I think the program is very informative. The visual presentation and video clips are convincing.
  • I believe that this is an amazing course that all those interested on obtaining their license should go through.
  • My son liked the convenience of an online course instead of a classroom setting so he could go at his own pace.

As a reminder to our students who haven’t yet completed our customer survey, we randomly choose a survey respondent every quarter to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Refer to your completion e-mail from GDL Institute for a link to the customer survey, or write to us at

Thank you again to all of our students and customers for their patronage and helpful responses. Remember to visit us on Facebook and keep the conversation going!


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