Need to Take the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course? Check Out Our New Demo and See What’s Included!

It’s almost winter break, and it’s the perfect time to knock a few items off of your to-do list. Are you counting down the days until you can get your learner’s permit? If so, you’ll need to take a Drug and Alcohol course and permit exam to quality for your Florida driving permit. GDL Institute is proud to offer a course and learner’s permit exam that’s not only completely online, but a course that’s fun, informative, and best of all… no annoying timers! Want to learn more about the course content? Check out our new course demo, and let us know what you think! You’ll be able to see the interface, test out the navigation, and review several of the course topics and videos included in the full version of the course.

GDL Institute Course Demo

Make sure to also visit GDL Institute’s YouTube channel. We often hear from our students that they not only learned a lot from their driver training course, they enjoy the additional driving tips, news and humorous videos we share socially.

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