The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program Comes to Florida

Learner's PermitOn April 8, 2014, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and Ford announced the launch of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program to assist parents and teens during with their driver training journey. During the learner’s permit phase of the graduated driver license process in Florida, parents or guardians must spend 50 hours, 10 at night, supervising their teen driver. The helpful program includes a free guide to keep a log of those hours, in addition to driving tips for parents and teens to put into practice.

This program will be offered as an added learning tool in addition to the traditional driver training process, including the Drug & Alcohol course. Teens must complete the online Drug & Alcohol course and learner’s permit exam, both available from GDL Institute, prior to obtaining their learner’s permit.

To learn more about the Parent’s Supervised Driving Program and obtain a copy of the guide, visit their website.
What is the most important lesson you learned from your parent or guardian when you were learning how to drive?



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