Distracted Driving – What’s the Worst Distraction You’ve Witnessed?

We’ve all heard the facts, distracted driving is one of the most dangerous activities one can engage in. Distractions are a problem from drivers of all ages, but inexperienced teen drivers are at even higher risk when their attention is divided. One of the primary driver distractions we are all aware of is texting while driving. In fact, 44 states and DC have laws on the books to prevent texting while driving, and have implemented all-driver text messaging bans. Of those bans, 39 are primary offenses and five are treated as secondary offenses (including Florida). But, what about other distractions? Putting on makeup, eating, chatting with passengers, and changing radio stations are all distracting activities that can lead to deadly consequences.

Allstate Insurance Company created the following YouTube video that we here at GDL Institute think is a great conversation starter. What is the craziest incidence of distracted driving that you have witnessed? These drivers share some of their experiences.

That phone call or text message can wait. If you are a new driver, take care on the road ways and drive defensively. Put the tips you learned in your Drug and Alcohol course from GDL Institute to good use and remember, while driving is a privilege, it also comes with great responsibility.


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