Distracted Driving Video Contest Inspires Creativity in Florida Teens

teens video contestAccording to Florida Highway Patrol officials, one in every six crashes is caused by a distracted driver. This is a deadly and preventable statistic. As taught in the online Drug and Alcohol course for Florida teens, distracted driving, especially texting, can be a dangerous habit with catastrophic consequences. Florida police officials and other safety agencies are always looking for creative ways to share this message, and inspire young drivers to take a stand against distracted driving.

In that regard, The SELF Movement, which stands for Service Education Leadership Foundation, is partnering with Allstate Insurance and other Duval County agencies to bring awareness to the dangers of teen distracted driving with its fourth annual Teen Safe Driving Video Contest, open to Florida teens. Local teens are encouraged to form teams of 4 individuals and to create powerful 30-60 second videos aimed at informing their peers of the dangers of distracted and/or impaired driving.

Videos can be submitted up until March 22, 2015, voting will take place in early April, and winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Top prizes will include scholarships worth up to $4,000. The read the official rules and learn more about the contest, with the SELF Movement’s website.

Readers – Now it’s your turn to inspire others. What is the most powerful distracted driving PSA video you’ve seen? Share your picks below in the Comment section!



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