Florida’s Learner’s Permit Test Gets Harder. Are You Prepared?

Florida driversThe process for obtaining a learner permit and driver license in Florida is well known to local teens. Complete a Drug & Alcohol course online, take a learner’s permit exam online or at the DMV, bring your required documents to a Florida DHSMV office, and get started behind the wheel. What teens might not know is that the process just became more difficult.

Last year Florida state officials made changes to the state’s driving test and introduced a one-hour time limit for testing. In January 2015, only 36% of Floridians who took the state’s new driving test passed, about 50% higher than the fail rate for the previous year. And, not only are test takers facing a more difficult test, there is also an additional fee for each re-exam. But, fear not, new drivers. GDL Institute customers who take our training pass the new exam at twice the rate of drivers that take it somewhere else.

So why has the driving exam become so much more difficult? The Florida DHSMV has remarked that the previous test was 20 years old, and after so much time, the answers to test questions had been well circulated on the internet for any enterprising individual to find and memorize. And, with a wide variety of online driver education programs to choose from, all with varying degrees of quality, not all are properly preparing students to take their driver tests. Additionally, with the majority of test-takers being first time teen drivers, statistically one of the most at-risk groups of drivers, the DHSMV made changes in an effort to improve overall public safety and make sure new drivers were well prepared. In the state of Florida, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for teens 16-19 years of age. Teens make up only 5% of the driving population in Florida but they are involved in about 9 % of the fatal crashes. Creating a tougher test is partially aimed at reducing this statistic.

The written test, which includes 50 multiple choice questions on the Rules of the Road and Road Signs must be completed, in addition to a behind-the-wheel driving test with a DMV employee. Test takers can miss up to 10 questions and still pass, but they better be well prepared.

So, what can students do to make sure they well prepared for their test? Choosing the best possible Drug & Alcohol course (TLSAE course) from GDL Institute puts new drivers in the best position for a passing grade. Not all courses are created equal. If you choose to take your Drug and Alcohol class online, make sure you are choosing a high-quality course for the best instruction, examples, and learning opportunities.

GDL Institute has been approved by the DHSMV to offer both the online Drug & Alcohol course, and also the online permit exam. And, by choosing our Value Package course bundle, you’ll also receive a free practice test to put you in an even better position to pass your official permit exam. Our course is not designed to meet bare minimum requirements; it is designed to be fun, informative, and put you in the best possible position to pass your exam on the first try. Don’t waste time and money repeating your exam multiple times. Choose GDL Institute for your driver education, and get started on the road to driving independence.



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