Summer Driving – Tips to Beat the Heat

dreamstime_s_9995908Summer driving season is upon us! Many know that the cold winter months can mean wear and tear on a car, but did you also know that hot temperatures can also impact your driving experience? A little routine maintenance and common sense can get you and your car in tip top shape for the scorching summer temperatures.

Remember – if it is hot outside, it is even hotter inside your vehicle. On a 90-degree day, the temperature inside a vehicle can quickly rise another 20 degrees in just the first 10 minutes. The dangers of leaving pets or children in a car are well publicized, but even sitting down in a hot car parked in the sun has the potential to cause burns, irritate asthma, or cause general discomfort. Whenever possible: park in the shade or place a sunshade in the window when you exit the car. To help the heat escape, before entering your car, open the windows for a few minutes. Put a towel or piece of cloth down on your leather seat if you are wearing shorts, and be very careful to not touch the metal part of your seatbelt to your skin while fastening the belt.

Perform routine maintenance to keep your car running safely. Extreme hot and cold temperatures can impact your tire pressure. Keep a tire gauge handy and check your pressure on a routine basis. Check your car’s fluids to ensure you are at a safe level. In addition to checking your oil, it is important to also make sure the reservoirs of coolant, transmission, brake, power steering and windshield wiper fluids are filled to their proper levels.

Finally – a great tip for driving in all seasons is to keep a roadside emergency kit in your car. You never know when you’ll be faced with a breakdown, a flat tire, or something else. It is always good to be prepared! For tips on what to include in your emergency kit, check out our blog post Rules for the Road: Be Prepared With a Roadside Emergency Kit for Your Car.

From all of us at GDL Institute, enjoy the summer sunshine and drive safely!


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