A Shocking Look at Distracted Driving with a Powerful New Commercial from the “It Can Wait” Campaign

A texting driver is 23 times more likely to be involved in an auto accident than a non-texting driver (VTTI). We all know that a simple distraction – such as reading a text message or answering your cell phone can lead to devastating consequences. Last week saw the release of a powerful new documentary from AT&T on the dangers of distracted driving. The roughly four minute video shows how the lives of several individuals intersect in a heartbreaking way when one takes their eyes off the road for just a second. The dangers of texting and driving can have a tragic and lasting effect on the lives of the driver, passengers, and others sharing the road.

AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign aims to discourage drivers from picking up their phone when they are behind the wheel. We here at GDL Institute were moved by the video, and are happy to see that the documentary is freely available online at YouTube, and is also being distributed to several agencies with the intent of reaching as many at-risk drivers as possible.

If you are a new driver or the parent of a teen driver, we encourage you to join watch the video, join the more than 7 million people who have taken the pledge, and share with as many others as possible.



One thought on “A Shocking Look at Distracted Driving with a Powerful New Commercial from the “It Can Wait” Campaign

  1. ‘Drive Alive Richmond Teen Driving Study’

    This study focuses on teens to obtain a better understanding of
    teen distracted driving behavior, and also to develop strategies for addressing those behaviors. The study was not limited to just Richmond, VA, but surrounding counties and cities as well, and contains the most up-to-date
    results, considering the constant change in technology/smartphones, etc

    The results are compiled from varying demographics of teenagers and
    represent the viewpoints and behaviors from teenagers in the Virginia area, but are a true reflection on the viewpoints and actions of teenagers throughout the entire state/US. The study produced some interesting stats.

    The ‘Drive Alive Richmond Teen Driving Study’ results are located at http://www.drivealiverichmond.com.

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