Safety First – Top Used Cars for Teen Drivers

Used Car Teen DriverGetting a driver’s license is only the first step that teens will take toward driving independence. One of the most exciting events for a new driver is the first time they get to take their very own car out for a spin. Parents have an important decision on their hands if they are planning to buy a new or used car for their child… what’s the best, safest, and most cost effective choice for their teen?

Safety is at the top of the list for parents when thinking about car choices for their teens. The New York Times recently tackled this concept in their article, “How Much Car Do You Buy to Keep Your Teenager Safe?” As parents are left to consider just what safety features are the most likely to keep their teens focused and safe on the road, and as newer accident avoidance technologies such as lane departure sensors, backup cameras, and more become more common, parents have a lot to think about. Refer to the New York Times article for a list of used cars with accident avoidance technologies to consider.

Additionally, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety offers reviews and ratings for the best used cars for teens, with a focus on safety criteria, and priced under $20,000. These resources are intended to help parents make informed choices they can feel good about!

We here at GDL Institute believe a safe, reliable and affordable vehicle is the gold standard for a new driver, and will offer peace of mind for their parents. Additionally, new drivers should be taught defensive driving skills and have knowledge of all of the laws and road rules that will apply to them BEFORE they hit the road. Parents in Florida should make sure teens complete their mandatory Drug and Alcohol course and Learners Permit test with an approved online course provider. Choosing the best possible Drug & Alcohol course from GDL Institute puts new drivers in the best position for a safe driving.

What was YOUR first car as a teen driver?


How Much Car Do You Buy to Keep Your Teenager Safe? – New York Times

Choosing the Best Vehicle for Your Teen – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety


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