A Fresh Look at Distracted Driving with Honda’s #PhoneDownEyesUp Campaign

As anyone who has completed the TLSAE course knows, a texting driver is 23 times more likely to be involved in an auto accident than a non-texting driver. Fact. We all know that, in theory, a simple distraction – such as reading a text message or answering your cell phone can lead to devastating consequences if you’re behind the wheel. But, have you ever stopped to really consider just how much a few seconds of taking your eyes off the road to send a text can make a difference?

Honda has launched the new #PhoneDownEyesUp campaign to show us, in a lighthearted way, just how a cellphone distraction can effect the task at hand. Unlike other campaigns aimed to shock viewers or tug on emotions, Honda has chosen a different, fresh approach. They’ve released several short videos that show how texting can impact routine tasks – making pancakes, giving a child a haircut, gardening, pet sitting, and more. Though they’ve used a humorous approach, the overall message isn’t lost at all. The dangers of texting and driving can have a tragic and lasting effect on the lives of the driver, passengers, and others sharing the road.

We here at GDL Institute liked this creative campaign, and are happy to see that the videos are all freely available online at YouTube. Here is one of our favorites.

Visit Honda’s YouTube channel to view the rest of the videos in the campaign. Then, report back! Let us know in the comments – which is your favorite?


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