Truant Florida Teens Face Driver’s License Suspensions in October

It’s October! School is back in session and it’s a great time to remind Florida teens that if you cut class, you may lose your driving privileges. Read on to learn more about Florida’s driving rules and regulations for teens.

GDL Institute Blog

Teen TruancyFor some Florida teens, October marks the beginning of the end, in terms of their driving privileges. It’s the time of year when the state starts yanking driving privileges for teens that have been cutting too much class.

For almost 20 years now, the law stipulates that Florida teens under the age of 18 cannot miss more than 15 days of school with unexcused absences within a 90 day period or their learners permit or driver’s license will be suspended (hardship waivers are allowed in rare circumstances, such as for health or family crises). A teen’s license will remain suspended until the student provides proof of school attendance for 30 consecutive days. The law aimed at keeping kids in class and decreasing dropout rates is just one way that school officials are working to combat truancy. And, it’s certainly a useful tool in keeping teens, who don’t want to forfeit…

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